Innovation Fund

The SARTRAC Flexible Innovation Fund is accessible to members of the SARTRAC team. The Flexible Innovation Fund (FIF) provides small grants to support emerging research needs as SARTRAC progresses. See a full list of FIF funded projects below.

The FIF requires submission of a Concept Note which, following feedback, is developed into a Full Project Proposal. Each Concept Note and Full Proposal will be reviewed internally by two members of the SARTRAC Project Management Board ( The process of review is to ensure a high standard of research is conducted across the programme, that FIF-funded research projects fit within the broad objectives of SARTRAC, and that a legacy of shared data exists. Members of the SARTRAC team can find the guidance on how to submit a Concept Note and a Full Proposal to the FIF here.

Each funded FIF project submit internal Monthly reports and public End of Award/Final project reports. Final project reports can be found below.

Currently funded projects (in progress):  

FIF1: led by Dr Winnie Sowah (University of Ghana): “Socio-economic impacts of Sargassum influx events on the artisanal fishery sector of Ghana” Mar21-Aug21 (delayed due to COVID). See the latest blog for this project here.

FIF2: led by Prof Hazel Oxenford (CERMES, Barbados): “An assessment of the growth and mortality of NERR sourced pelagic sargassum” Aug21-Mar22. See the latest blog for this project here.

FIF3: led by Prof Hazel Oxenford (CERMES, Barbados): “Monitoring sargassum stranding volumes on the east coast of Barbados in the wake of the Soufriere ash cloud” Jul21–Sep21. See the latest blog for this project here.

FIF4: led by Bethia Thomas (CERMES, Barbados): “Sargassum Adaptation Strategies in Saint Lucia” Oct21-Nov21

FIF5: led by Dr Philip-Neri Jayson-Quashigah (University of Ghana): “Severity Mapping of Sargassum beaching along the Western coast of Ghana” Sept21-Apr22

FIF6: led by Prof Ava Maxam (MGI, Jamaica): “An operational and near real time monitoring and dissemination system – early warning system for Jamaica” Nov21-Oct22

Final project reports:

  • None yet