Innovation Fund

The SARTRAC Flexible Innovation Fund is accessible to members of the SARTRAC team (Co-Investigators and Early Career Researchers alike). The Flexible Innovation Fund (FIF) provides small grants from £1,000 to £5,000 GBP to support emerging research needs as SARTRAC progresses.

The FIF requires submission of a concept note followed by a full proposal to allow for feedback and learning to be incorporated, so as to build capacity in writing proposals for research and associated funding. The process of review is to ensure a high standard of research is conducted across the programme and that FIF-funded research projects fit within the broad objectives of SARTRAC. 

The FIF can be accessed at a later stage in the project timeline, or accessed more than once. 

This call does not sit in isolation but links to the entire research and capacity building objectives across SARTRAC.  Within the Capacity Building component of SARTRAC specific training can be provided on writing research proposals.

A Concept Note is required which, following feedback from two SARTRAC Co-Investigators, will be developed into a full project proposal.  A review panel (the PMB) will consider Concept Notes every three months, and will endeavour to review all full proposals submitted within a 6 month cycle.

Projects in review stage:  

  • Winnie Sowah (Univ of Ghana): “Socio-economic impacts of Sargassum influx events on the artisanal fishery sector of Ghana”

Projects funded by FIF:

  • To be confirmed.