Webinar on Sargassum challenges and management in the Gulf of Guinea – Networking as key

By Winnie Sowah, University of Ghana

A webinar on networking as the key to management of sargassum in the Gulf of Guinea was organised jointly by the Ghana SARTRAC team at the University of Ghana (UG) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of Ghana on 2nd September 2021.  The Ghana SARTRAC team at UG, led by Prof Kwasi Appeaning Addo, recognise the importance of engaging other stakeholders in the management of Sargassum. The webinar was expertly moderated by Ms Joana Akrofi of UNEP and an introductory statement was given by the Executive Director of EPA, Dr Henry Kokofu. Dr Kokofu acknowledged the importance of research institutions collaborating to effectively manage marine invasive species such as sargassum.

A representative from the Abidjan Convention, Prof. Jacques Abe, reiterated the importance of collaboration and detailed what has been done and what is being done to address the problem. He also supported the importance of stakeholder engagement in managing this invasion.

Dr. Thierry Tonon of the University of York, a member of the SARTRAC team, presented on biological research. He is engaged with his team in investigating the abundance of different morphotypes, nutrient content and composition and possible uses of sargassum.

Dr. Winnie Sowah of the University of Ghana and a member of the Ghana SARTRAC team, presented on the Gulf of Guinea Sargassum Network (GoGSaN), which aims to bring researchers and all stakeholders in the subregion to a common platform to enhance collaboration and management efforts. Individuals and organisations interested in sargassum are invited to be part of the network, which is presently based in the University of Ghana. Kindly contact kappeaningaddo@ug.edu.gh or wnasowah@ug.edu.gh for more information.

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