SARTRAC Whole Consortium Meeting #2 Day 2 (virtual)

“When I start speaking it may be difficult to stop.” Was how one researcher began their presentation today.

Day 2 of the SARTRAC ACM2 was filled with enthusiastic and experienced researchers sharing their state-of-the art findings, and their progress in experiments, data collection, analysis and delivery of impact. Presentations of ongoing research addressed the biochemistry of sargassum, its use as compost, PhD work associated with the SARTRAC project, social data collection, the physical processes influencing interannual variability of influxes, data for remote sensing of sargassum, and risk classification for risk management. In short: another interdisciplinary day exemplifying the diversity of research methods being used to identify adaptation opportunities for the poorest affected communities and challenges generated through the management and re-use of sargassum.

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