Ms Yanna Fidai Podcast

Most research on Sargassum to date focusses on Sargassum in the open oceans, there is far less research on beached Sargassum”

says Ms Yanna Fidai, PhD researcher in the School of Geography and Environmental Sciences at the University of Southampton.

“In my research I have also found that there is very little research on Sargassum in central America and west Africa compared to the Caribbean. Every day, I learn something new about Sargassum. Today I found out that entrepreneurs are making plates out of Sargassum!

In my PhD research, I am most looking forward to monitoring Sargassum mats using GPS trackers. It’s really exciting to work with technology to find out how the rafts move in the ocean, we can use this information to validate satellite imagery. This knowledge will help us develop an effective early warning system to help prepare communities who are dealing with Sargassum influxes and their impacts”

Listen now to Yanna’s 2 minute interview  

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