Professor Jack Corbett Podcast

Sargassum shines a light on pre-existing governance challenges facing developing countries in managing and adapting to transnational environmental risks”

says Professor Jack Corbett, professor of Politics at the University of Southampton.

“Developing countries, and small island developing states in particular, face numerous challenges in managing and adapting to transboundary and transnational environmental risks. These challenges relate to: capacity deficits, resourcing, and transference of institutions from one part of the world to another.

I am excited to be working with our partners in Jamaica, Barbados and Ghana to reach out to policy makers and political actors at local, national, and regional scales to find solutions to the governance of sargassum. We hope that if we can develop solutions that work for sargassum, then these solutions might also work in relation to the governance of other emergent environmental risks.”

Listen now to Jack’s 2 minute interview

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