Dr Sien van der Plank Podcast

Bermuda sees sargassum as an opportunity, possibly because of its past experience”

says Dr Sien van der Plank, senior social science researcher on SARTRAC project at the University of Southampton.

“We are researching the policy response from states and regional organisations in the Caribbean, and are analysing the effect of different governance regimes as well as environmental parameters on sargassum policy. In Bermuda, for example, Sargassum historically provides forage and habitat for birds and beach-dwelling creatures, as well as anchoring sand to stabilise sand dunes.

Over the next two years, I look forward to hearing from stakeholders about their perceptions of who is responsible for managing sargassum and people’s experiences of dealing with extreme sargassum influxes. We hope to identify barriers to effective management and sustainable opportunities in national and regional governance of this environmental challenge.”

Listen now to Sien’s 2 minute interview, where she explains her thoughts.

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