Fishers in Ghana are experiencing the damaging impacts of sargassum now in September 2021

Within SARTRAC we have been interviewing fishers along the coast of Ghana in Beyin and Newtown, to find out how they are being impacted by sargassum events. Focus groups and questionnaires have been undertaken by the field research team led by Dr Winnie Sowah of the University of Ghana in June 2021, with a second round of data to be collected in October 2021.

Field research team. Photo credit: Philip-Neri Quashigah
Focus group discussion in New Town, Western region, Ghana. Photo credit: Michael Kwame Biney
Focus group discussion in Beyin, Western region, Ghana. Photo credit: Winnie N. A. Sowah

Initial messages coming out of the research highlight the damaging economic impact of sargassum on fisheries in Ghana. Focus group participants mentioned the loss of economic benefits as a result of the suspension or reduction in frequency of fishing activities. Focus groups also reported destruction of fishing gear from sargassum in the water. All groups were clear that urgent assistance is needed. Formal analysis of the data and results will be published on the SARTRAC website in 2022.

For more information about this project, please contact Dr Winnie Sowah

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