Professor Jack Corbett Podcast

“Developing countries, and small island developing states in particular, face numerous challenges in managing and adapting to transboundary and transnational environmental risks. These challenges relate to: capacity deficits, resourcing, and transference of institutions from one part of the world to another. I am excited to be working with our partners in Jamaica, Barbados and Ghana…

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SARTRAC Theory of Change

To ensure that we are delivering our long term impact of “influencing sargassum policy and management decisions at the international level and within partner countries, notably Jamaica and Ghana”, we have developed a monitoring and evaluation system based on our Theory of Change. The slides (attached below) show this theory of change, and the short…

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Dr Sien van der Plank Podcast

“We are researching the policy response from states and regional organisations in the Caribbean, and are analysing the effect of different governance regimes as well as environmental parameters on sargassum policy. In Bermuda, for example, Sargassum historically provides forage and habitat for birds and beach-dwelling creatures, as well as anchoring sand to stabilise sand dunes.…

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Prof Bob Marsh Podcast

“We are learning that Sargassum is strongly influenced by winds and currents, in some years growing more profusely in nutrient rich waters of the Amazon outflow, then swept either west to the Caribbean or east towards west Africa, according to the whim of those highly variable currents and winds. With improved understanding of cause and…

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UKRI announces international development research programme awards

The UKRI GCRF Collective Programme is an investment of £147 Million designed to impact global health, education, sustainable cities, food systems, conflict and resilience. Environmental disasters, education for children living through conflict and malnutrition are just some of the global challenges being tackled. Diverse global partnerships bring together a wide range of researchers and experts…

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More than Maps at the Festival of Social Sciences

Managing Seaweed through More than Maps was a two-part workshop for A-Level students hosted by SARTRAC for the Festival of Social Sciences. On 11-12 November, thirty sixth form students joined us virtually for two workshops on developing their mapping and social science skills.

First Annual Consortium Meeting

We were looking forward to welcoming our SARTRAC team to Southampton for our first SARTRAC Annual Consortium Meeting from Monday 13thJuly – Thursday 16thJuly 2020 to discuss project progress and meet colleagues who we had not yet encountered.  COVID-19 put an end to that option. Instead we used an online platform to ‘virtually’ bring together…

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Expertise, energy and interconnectedness: the three cornerstones of ACM1

So as strangers we gathered on Monday 13thJuly, having had little opportunity for physical meetings within or between partner institutions since March. This annual consortium meeting, our first, was fated to be virtual. I have only met in person with three out of the twenty plus team that forms the heart of SARTRAC, but by…

SARTRAC First Annual Consortium Meeting (ACM1) Virtual Conference 2020

The SARTRAC ACM1 was my first time attending a virtual consortium meeting as a result of COVID-19. It was not clear how it was going to turn out knowing that we will not have the opportunity to meet physically. But right from day one, it turned out to be a rather intriguing 4 day meeting.