First Annual Consortium Meeting

Our first day kicked off with presentations from our external visitors Mahesh Pradhan and Joana Akrofi from UN Environment Programme in Nairobi, highlighting the upcoming high level policy processes that SARTRAC could inform – notably UN Environment Assembly in Feb 2021. This was followed by Prof Howard Roe, Sargasso Sea Commissioner, providing background on sargassum,…

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Expertise, energy and interconnectedness: the three cornerstones of ACM1

So as strangers we gathered on Monday 13thJuly, having had little opportunity for physical meetings within or between partner institutions since March. This annual consortium meeting, our first, was fated to be virtual. I have only met in person with three out of the twenty plus team that forms the heart of SARTRAC, but by…

SARTRAC First Annual Consortium Meeting (ACM1) Virtual Conference 2020

The SARTRAC ACM1 was my first time attending a virtual consortium meeting as a result of COVID-19. It was not clear how it was going to turn out knowing that we will not have the opportunity to meet physically. But right from day one, it turned out to be a rather intriguing 4 day meeting.

Transformational Adaptation

Short (7 minute) presentation on our early thoughts on transformational adaptation within SARTRAC. Any feedback gratefully appreciated.

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