Work with us

We would like the opportunity to collaborate with other researchers working on sargassum, please contact us via email, or contact the relevant person

  1. Drivers of sargassum events (WP1)

Aim: To co-develop with stakeholders a bespoke long-range prediction system.

Contact: Prof Bob Marsh, University of Southampton

2. Risk management and EWS (WP2)

Aim: To co-develop with stakeholders a transferable and scalable near real time monitoring and dissemination system for Jamaica with application to Ghana.

Contact: Prof Jadu Dash, University of Southampton

3. Sargassum re-use (WP3)

Aim: To identify the bio-chemical characteristics of the seaweed to identify appropriate alternative uses, and to find the barriers to uptake by vulnerable communities.

Contact: Prof Mona Webber, University of West Indies

4. Policy and governance (WP4)

Aim: To explore the implications of framing sargassum as a beneficial resource or a hazard, and to identify opportunities and constraints for use of sargassum.

Contact: Prof Jack Corbett, University of Southampton

5. Stakeholder engagement

Aim: To identify and engage appropriate stakeholders across the SARTRAC programme.

Contact: Dr Janice Cumberbatch, University of the West Indies

6. Equitable resilience and transformational adaptation

Aim: To ensure that all work packages are focussed on delivering outputs that are aimed at the most vulnerable communities to sargassum beaching events.

Contact: Prof Emma Tompkins, University of Southampton