Victoria Dominguez Almela

Organisation: University of Southampton 

Position: Senior Research Asssitant


Vicky is an ecologist with research interests covering the impacts of invasive species on biodiversity and people. She has a broad interest in freshwater and marine ecology, with a specific interest on novel applications of geographical information systems (GIS) and models to predicting ecological outcomes.

Vicky has been working from 2017 on better understanding biological invasions as part of her PhD at Bournemouth University in collaboration with the University of Aberdeen and the Environment Agency. This has included the use of individual-based models (IBMs), GIS and stable isotopes to increase understandings of invasion patterns and processes and to evaluate invasive species eradication programmes. Her experience has gone beyond academic work while working between 2019 to 2021 within the consultancy at Bournemouth University Global Solutions (BUG). Her practical knowledge goes from freshwater fish identification skills to practical experience in working with electronic equipment, instrumentation and surveys using a wide range of sampling methodologies (intake nets, flow meters, electric fishing equipment, invertebrates’ sampling, seine netting, fyke netting, sediment sampling, water sampling, drone surveys and habitat walkover surveys). She is extremely familiar with freshwater environments and has provided expert advice on various concerns such as water intakes and river management pursuing freshwater fish conservation.