Dr Sien van der Plank

Organisation: University of Southampton

Position: Senior Research Assistant to WP2 and WP4


Sien van der Plank has researched environmental management across conservation, politics, mining and hazard contexts since 2015. This has included mixed-methods work on community perceptions of mining and mining consultations in rural Australia, and a discourse analysis of political party narratives on conservation in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany and Australia.

More recently, she has analysed the challenges of coastal flood risk management in England across national policy, sub-national implementation and household perspectives and engagement as part of her PhD research with the Climate Change and Energy research group, Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences, University of Southampton.

She is versatile across quantitative and qualitative methods, having practiced and developed past research through literature review, policy analysis, qualitative interviews, thematic analysis, household surveying, and descriptive and inferential statistics.