Ajani Bissick

Organisation: University of the West Indies, Mona Geoinformatics Institute 

Position: GIS Research Assistant


As a part of the Sargassum Algorithm workgroup led by Jadu Dash, Ajani Bissick’s work is focused on the scripting of Hu’s Floating Algae Index (FAI) algorithm for the detection of sargassum within the Caribbean Region. Using the Google Earth Engine software alongside specific datasets such as MODIS Terra Surface Reflectance Daily Global 1km and 500m and MODIS Terra Surface Reflectance Daily Global 250m, she has been able to detect sargassum influx seen in Caribbean.

However, few adjustments are still needed for the algorithm to function accurately. Moreover, her most recent research experience would have been her undergraduate Geology thesis. There, using distinctive sedimentological features such as ichnology, sediment fabric and benthic foraminifers, she was able to propose a model of the paleo-environmental conditions and geological history of the Southern Dry River Region.