Dr Thierry Tonon

Co-leader of the WP3 “Transformation”; Member of the Project Management Board; Co-I Champion for Publications/Further Funding/Legacy.

Organisation: University of York

Position: Lecturer in Algal Biology at the University of York


Thierry Tonon is a Lecturer in Algal Biology at the University of York. He has ample experience studying various aspects of bacterial and algal physiology and molecular biology, with a focus on primary metabolism.

His current research is centred on characterizing metabolic pathways and enzymes important for algal metabolism and for biogeochemical cycles. This relied on approaches including genome sequencing, transciptome and metabolite profiling, and heterologous expression of proteins for biochemical characterization.

He is also working on developing biotechnological applications of algae, and valorisation of seaweed biomass, notably in the context of biorefinery.