UKRI announces international development research programme awards

The UKRI GCRF Collective Programme is an investment of £147 Million designed to impact global health, education, sustainable cities, food systems, conflict and resilience. Environmental disasters, education for children living through conflict and malnutrition are just some of the global challenges being tackled. Diverse global partnerships bring together a wide range of researchers and experts…

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More than Maps at the Festival of Social Sciences

Managing Seaweed through More than Maps was a two-part workshop for A-Level students hosted by SARTRAC for the Festival of Social Sciences. On 11-12 November, thirty sixth form students joined us virtually for two workshops on developing their mapping and social science skills.

First Annual Consortium Meeting

Our first day kicked off with presentations from our external visitors Mahesh Pradhan and Joana Akrofi from UN Environment Programme in Nairobi, highlighting the upcoming high level policy processes that SARTRAC could inform – notably UN Environment Assembly in Feb 2021. This was followed by Prof Howard Roe, Sargasso Sea Commissioner, providing background on sargassum,…

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